CasCom Live Weather Service

All active weather station sites are listed below.


Weather Reports

Camera Views

Yellowknife View View - City View - Bay View - Pilots Monument   
Goose Lake ViewView - SouthView - North   
MLA ViewView    
Snare Hydro ViewView - Air StripView - Hill   
Taltson Hydro ViewView - Air Strip    
Colomac ViewView    
CasCom View     

Other Live Weather Services

Links to other mainstream weather service providers are listed below.





Yellowknife  View  
Goose Lake View   
MLA View   
Snare Hydro View   
Taltson Hydro View   
Colomac View   
CasCom View   

CasCom Archived Weather Data

The weather data files are in SQLite database format which is compatible with many available database browser apps, that being said, some of the files are very large, we do recommend using an offline app such as DB Browser for SQLite, this application is free of charge, open source and supports Linux, Windows and macOS.

Links to directories of archived weather data and pictures are listed below.

View Archived Weather Data - Directory
View Archived Pictures - Directory

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